Revolutionizing the Future with Seamless First Party Implementations

At Datahash, we are building Datahash - A tool that helps advertisers implement future-proof tracking practices to optimize their marketing spends in a world without third party cookies and iOS 14 compliances.

Enabling Every Advertiser to take

Data-Driven Decisions


Our Mission is to enable every Ad Platform, business owner and marketeer derive value from data by providing compliant and powerful solutions at an affordable rate.


We enable advertisers take effective data-driven decisions as they sharpen their inferences from data, this in-turn boosts efficiency.


While our overarching goal is to simplify the use of data, we continue to strive to provide robust first-party solutions and continue to bridge the gap between marketing and IT teams.

Our Channel Partners

Our teams are devoted to ensuring our channel partners succeed as we work closely with some of the leading advertising platforms. Staying ahead of the curve and providing best-in-segment data technology solutions is what we aim for. 

Datahash is a leading service provider trusted across the globe for being consistent in its delivery and client servicing practises. You our partner are our priority!

Meet The Team

D# Founding Members

Gaurav Chhaparwal

Founder & CEO

Nitigya Kuchhal

Chief Product Officer

Akshat Jhanwar

Chief Technology Officer

Yaman Patel

VP - Service Delivery

We Are Not Only Revolutionizing 1st Party Data

But Future of Work too!

Here are some perks that the D#ers enjoy!

100% Remote Working

At Datahash, we believe in the utmost optimization of time. In a world where offices are opening up for employees to come to work – Datahash offers a unique ‘remote working’ option where you can work full-time, permanently out of your home!

Industry Standard Compensations

Our compensations at at par with the industry we are in. While we offer the competitive edge, we’re all about going the extra mile for the right candidate.

Innovation & Growth

Innovation, Leadership and Growth are at the heart of what we do. Whether it be our teams or managers - we are fuelled with Customer-First mindset to provide best-in-class experience to the clients. If you’re looking for a role where there’s assured growth, scalability and promise - you’ve come to the right place.


Mentorship is at the heart of growth. At Datahash, we assign buddies to tag-along and assist with the initial phase of being introduced to the company.

Bonus Programs

Initiative does not go unnoticed at Datahash. We acknowledge the efforts put in by our team members and have competitive bonus programs in place to do the least and appreciate talent and resource that performs at its best.

Employee Loyalty

We value our talent and firmly believe that a brand’s workforce can be a catalyst directed towards change. We offer our teams the best there is in technology, and are always moving towards providing a more people-inclusive working environment.

Want to be a D#er?

Come Be A Part of the Team!